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Miss AfroAsia UK 2015

Press release   •   Apr 19, 2015 03:17 BST

Miss AfroAsia UK takes place on the second day of AfroAsia Week this year. The theme is "Not Just A Minority"

Day 2 - Saturday - 15 AUGUST 2015 - MISS AFROASIA 7-9PM

Miss AfroAsia is a modest cultural and talent pageant for 16-30 year olds who have origins in any one of the countries in AFRICA or ASIA through themselves or at least one of their parents, grandparents or great grandparents. 

The key foci of the event is demonstrating how diversity enriches britain, demonstration of the importance of heritage, culture and the enrichment this brings to the UK.

The contest is not a facial beauty, skin complexion or weight based contest. 

It will be focussed on how confident, poised and articulate the participating ladies demonstrate they are when wearing their tribal/cultural dress and evening dress and how well they present themselves.

We welcome specific country pageant organisers to enter their current crown holders into this special event for a night of showcasing our heritage and culture

The event will be adjudicated by 4 competent members of the community who will ask questions about costumes, heritage, culture and ethnicity as well as general questions about purpose and motivation in relation to participation of contestants.

Individuals who are found to or who show signs of deliberate starvation may not be allowed to participate. 

Confirmed attendees include talent spotters, business owners within the fashion, entertainment and media industry and members of the community.

Entry to the contest is priced at £75.

Further information at

Further information and details of how to enter or get tickets are available on the website.

Aims of AfroAsia weeek are

1. Unity - bringing together two cultures and highlighting the benefits of social and cultural cohesion.

2. Community Integration, bringing cultural togetherness and cultural inspiration

3. To bring cultural showcasing to the forefront to assist and support others in the community

4. To empower women and youth with positive self identity, empowerment, improved self esteem and dignity in their origins.

5. To recognise and publicly award community champions with merits which will further improve the benefit of their work and activities

6. To enable small and medium enterprises including cottage businesses to showcase and acquire clientele to grow their business

7. To showcase and encourage showcase of fashion from Asia and Africa

8. To provide showcase and advertisement opportunities to businesses based in the UK run by Asians and Africans.

9. To introduce and encourage increased culture and ethnic interaction between Asians and Africans

10. To provide a support point for Africans and Asians in the UK regionally and nationally.

11. To provide training and learning opportunities for youth and adults including corporate organisations in awareness, literacy, culture, cookery and social integration

12. To engage aged members of the community in teaching and giving insight into cultural knowledge through seminars, courses and talks.

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